(FULL SET) TOB x Food Keychains

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One-sided glitter epoxy
Double-sided image

TOB cast with some of their favourite recipes you can cook in the game, according to their dialogue!

Velvet x Crowe's Special Quiche
Laphicet x Mabo Curry
Rokurou x Fresh Fish Pirate Platter
Magilou x Barghest Paella
Eizen x Lizard Tail Steak
Eleanor x Feline Emperor Ratatatouille

Velvet, Rokurou, Eleanor and Eizen are about 2.25". Due to the top of Laphicet's hair, he is 2.5". Magilou is 2.75". Please see photos for size comparison. All keychains come with a flower accessory.

60 USD 50 USD